Karachi – City of Children

This film explores Karachi, a metropolis of almost 20 million people and its street children.

A city where child exploitation is part of economic practice, in many sectors of the city, from refuse collection to industry.

Karachi has thousands of children living on its streets. The United Nations estimate that 1.5 million children live on Pakistan’s streets.

Most will die before their 18th birthday.

The film interviews those working for the welfare of the street children. The Azad Foundation has since 1998 provided welfare for the Street Children of Karachi. KVTC have for over 23 years, supported children with disabilities in Karachi.

This film has been made by Karachi University School of Visual Arts as part of the Pakistan Calling film project support by Open Visor Productions, The Samosa Media project and the Ellie Maxwell bursary programme.

This film is dedicated to the memory of Sabeen Mahmud and Masood Hamid, who both dedicated themselves to the greater good of all that live in Karachi and greatly missed by all who knew them.

Please visit www.azadfoundation.org and www.kvtc.org.uk for more information about the issues of child welfare work in Karachi.

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